Information for Group of Claimants

Representatives of Groups of Claimants
If you are representing a group of claimants, you should call Acas first so that we can explore the circumstances of the claim with you. We can explain how group notifications work in Early Conciliation, and explore alternative approaches such as the involvement of a specialist collective conciliator. You should call Acas on 0300 123 1122. We can quickly agree the right approach with you and get things moving.
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Claimant leading a Group Claim

If you are coordinating a claim on behalf of a number of claimants you should call Acas first so that we can make you aware of your options, help you choose the right approach and guide you through the process. You should call Acas on 0300 123 1122.

In either case there is a different form for presenting a group notification, an online version (which we can send you the link to when you call) and a hard copy version. The online version is good for smaller groups of up to say 50 people, and involves typing in the names and addresses (the ‘prescribed information’) of all the claimants in the group. The hard copy version is better for very large groups as it can be accompanied by a hard copy list of the names and addresses of all those in the group e.g. on a spreadsheet. There is no online equivalent of this hard copy route for larger groups as yet.

Please remember, if you are not sure that the group needs to make a tribunal claim you can explore your options by talking to an Acas Helpline adviser on 0300 123 1100.

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Important note about details on the notification form

Please make sure that you provide the correct names and addresses for each claimant and for the employer, individual or organisation you are complaining about (i.e. the respondent). You should be able to identify this by looking at the claimant’s offer letter, contract of employment or payslip. It is important that you tell us the correct name (i.e. the “legal identity” of the respondent) because otherwise it could mean:

  • having to make another notification - which could make you run out of time for making a tribunal claim; or
  • having your tribunal claim rejected - if the name on the notification form does not correspond to the name on the tribunal form if it gets that far, the tribunal can reject your claim.

If you want to make a claim against more than one respondent (employer, individual or organisation) you must complete a separate form for each one even if it is all part of the same matter. Forms that contain more than one respondent will be rejected, causing a delay in your notification.

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What will Acas do with the information I provide?

Any personal information you provide will be held securely and your personal information will not be sold or traded to third parties.

We believe it is important to evaluate our conciliation service in order to identify any improvements we could make, by surveying users. We would only pass on your information to an independent research organisation therefore, who might invite you to take part in a voluntary survey in connection with your application. Your personal information will still be held securely and will not be sold or traded to any third parties.

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