Early Conciliation for Employers

Early Conciliation can be started by employers as well as individuals. If someone is likely to make a tribunal claim against you and you’d like to try and sort it out before it gets that far, you can contact Acas. When an individual makes an Early Conciliation notification the deadline for making their tribunal claim is pushed back – this doesn’t apply when an employer makes the notification.

Trying to settle a dispute via Early Conciliation is quicker, easier, less time consuming and less expensive than dealing with a tribunal claim. Conciliation is a much less formal process too. Independent research has found that the average cost to an employer of resolving a case through Pre Claim Conciliation (the forerunner to Early Conciliation) is just £475, with employers spending on average one day on a claim, compared to an average of £3700 and four days for an Employment Tribunal.

If as an employer you would like to start Early Conciliation please ring Acas on 0300 123 1122. If you are not sure if Early Conciliation is the right way to go call the Acas Helpline on 0300 123 1100, and an Acas adviser can help you explore your options. Depending on your circumstances there might be other ways in which we can help – collective conciliation, mediation or arbitration for example. It doesn’t take long to explore your options and we can quickly get things moving in the right direction.