Early Conciliation Notifications

You should only fill in an Early Conciliation Notification form if you are certain you want to make a claim to an employment tribunal.

Before you do anything else you should consider using your organisation’s appeals or grievance procedure if they have one, or letting it run its course if you’ve already started it, unless this means that you miss the deadline for putting in a tribunal claim. Putting your claim in before giving your organisation the chance to resolve it can reflect badly on your case at tribunal.

If you are the representative of a single claimant rather than a group of claimants (a ‘group’ means two or more claimants), you should ask him or her to fill in the notification form themselves. This is designed to underline the informality of the Early Conciliation process and to make clear that individuals are not obliged to have a representative in order to gain access to it. There is space on the form for representative details to be added where the claimant chooses to do so, and in such cases, we will liaise direct with that named representative.

You can find more detailed information and guidance on Early Conciliation here: Early Conciliation Explained

Please Note: When you submit your form it will automatically be acknowledged via email if an email address is provided, or by letter if not. The acknowledgment will include the claimant’s name, the date of receipt and the name given for the respondent. This means that you don’t need a screenshot of your form or to send in a hard copy form to retain these details because your acknowledgement provides this for you.

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If you want to make a tribunal claim you must notify Acas first. You can do this with the online Early Conciliation Notification form, found here:
If you want to try to resolve your differences with an employee or employees through Acas before they make a tribunal claim, you can find out more here:
If you are representing a group of individuals all intending to bring a tribunal claim against the same employer(s) / Respondent(s) you can find out more and access the service here: